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I was feeling so nostalgic after rewatching the first series of Digimon last night that I began searching for fanart and fanfiction from the show which then had me reminiscing on some of my most favorite memories from my childhood.

When Digimon first aired in America 15 years ago, my older brother and I were totally hooked ( me WAY more than him)! We’ve always loved drawing and creating our own storylines through comics from previous cartoons and anime but for some reason I became specifically obsessed with this show to the point of creating my own Digimon and Chosen Children which I became very in-depth with their origins.

Thanks to the World Wide Web, I was able to connect with and become friends with so many other dedicated fans of the show who have also been creating their own characters, known as the “FDD community”—Fictional Digimon and Digidestined. I never could have imagined such a vast following of creative minds, all sharing the same interest of this one show, able to come together thanks to the internet and share these characters that presented such a unique part of who these fans were.

I remember spending almost my whole day and night chatting with friends a great deal through forums (the most popular being Tania and Yazumon’s!), reading stories and writing sagas (though it is unfinished, mine still is displayed on the original web page I started) , viewing and drawing art, and creating websites (Thanks to Lexi and Cunomon being the first inspiration for other fans to do this), all centered around the FDD Community. I remember when it was such a thriving community and how it slowly dwindled down over the years.

I began looking through fanart of some of my characters and came upon this picture—my creation of Pixiwomon! This artwork was created by a great friend of mine named Raquel and is definitely one of my favorite gifts ever received ^_^

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